Stream - Industrial Submersible Pumps - SVP370F


SVP180 & SVP250 is suitable for household,mining,aquatics,waste-water treatment and light corrosie liquid. It widey used by many environment-protected departments.

SVP370 is widely used for house,breed aquatics,mining and construction site. Water-cooling design ensures such features as the possibilit of groundng use, priventing being over heated after long time's running,long usage and easy maintenance.

Working Condition:

  • The maximum depth allowed in water is 5m from its center of impeller;
  • The temperature of trans medium's shouldn'tbe higher than 40°C;
  • The trans medium's PH scope is 4~10;
  • The kinematics viscosity of the trans medium is 7*10-7~23*10-6m2/s
  • The maximum density of the trans medium is1.2*103kg/m3.

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