Stream - Industrial Submersible Pumps - SPC30-6-0.75F SPC40-7-1.15F SPC40-9-1.5F-01


SPC series pump is characterized with high-head, compact size, light weight, and easy to use.

It is widely used in high-position water delivery, flush, and construction sites, etc.

It is greatly increase the service life by changing aluminum casting to stainless steel and using double mechanical seal.


  • Clean water without abrasive particles
  • Mainly used for high position water delivery, flush, and construction sites
  • Pumping water in aquariums, mineenterprise, gardens, family spray and irrigation etc.

Operating Condition:

  • The maximum immersion depth is 5m
  • Water temperature range is 0 ~ 40?C
  • The PH scope of water is 6.5 ~ 8.5
  • Passage of suspended solids in water isless than Φ0.2mm

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