Stream - Domestic Auto-boosting Pumps - Hydro-MH/MV Series

Hydro-MH/MV Series

Stream offers complete tailored pressure boosting systems for domestic water supply that ensure optimal water pressure for household applications.


  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Blocks of flats

Hydro-MH/MH provides constant water pressure for a variety of domestic applications. This means that the end-user is no longer bothered by fluctuations in water pressure due to a rise or fall in demand, or from pump starts and stops. Hydro-SWB Booster keeps the pressure within the home up regardless of usage. The constant pressure feature provides the benefit of increased comfort.


  • Higher efficiency, energy saving 30%-60%
  • Constant pressure via integrated speed control
  • Long life, lower cost
  • Soft start/stop to relieve water hammer
  • Compact
  • Anti-rust, robust, stainless steel
  • Easy installation

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