Stream - Domestic Auto-boosting Pumps - Hydro-SHS12


Stream Hydro-SHS series variable frequency and constant pressure system is the most advanced and popular water supply system. It is more efficient, more reliability, smarter,30% to 60% energy saving than traditional way of water supply, so it is really worthwhile to investment.


  • Widely used for domestic,commercial,industry field.
  • For waterworks, pressure station.
  • For restaurants, hotels. 
  • For residential area, small villas, high-rise buildings.


  • SSingle-phase: 220V/50Hz (built-in thermal protector)TThree-phase: 380V/50Hz
  • Max Speed: 2900rpmIInsulation Class: F
  • Protection Class: IP55OOutput Power Range(P2): 0.37 ~ 3kW

Working Condition: 

  • Head Range: 5 ~ 65 m
  • Flow Range: 1 ~ 16 m3/h 
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 10 Bar
  • Medium: Not frozen states, thin, clean, non flammable and explosive and liquid without solid and fiber

Medium Temperature:

  • Normal Temperature:(0 C ~ +50 C)
  • High Temperature:(0 C ~ +90 C) 
  • Environment Temperature:≤50 C

Features & Benefits

  1. Energy-efficient. Compared with the traditional way of water supply, the frequency constant pressure water supply energy saving 30%-60%.
  2. Small occupied area , less investment and high efficiency.
  3. Flexible configuration, high degree of automation, complete functions, flexible and reliable.
  4. Operation performance is reasonable, the average torque and abrasion on the shaft is reduced because of the decline for average speed in one day, the life of pump will be longer.
  5. Because it can realize the soft stop and soft start of water pump, it can eliminate water hammer effect .(water hammer effect means: direct starting and stopping ,liquid kinetic energy of a sharp change, lead to the great impact of the network, there is a lot of damage .)
  6. Easy installation, it replaces water tower ,high water tank and traditional air pressure tank water supply device.
  7. Direct pressurized water supply reduces the secondary pollution of water quality caused by traditional pressure tank water supply device.
  8. The spare parts which flowed by water is all stainless (304 or 316), which ensure the healthy water.


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