Stream - Domestic Auto-boosting Pumps - Hydro-SHS2


Stream Hydro-SHS series variable frequency and constant pressure system is the most advanced and popular water supply system. It is more efficient, more reliability, smarter, 30% to 60% energy saving than traditional way of water supply, so it is really worthwhile to investment.


  • Widely used for domestic,commercial,industry field.
  • For waterworks, pressure station.
  • For restaurants, hotels. 
  • For residential area, small villas, high-rise buildings.


  • SSingle-phase: 220V/50Hz (built-in thermal protector)TThree-phase: 380V/50Hz
  • Max Speed: 2900rpmIInsulation Class: F
  • Protection Class: IP55OOutput Power Range(P2): 0.37 ~ 3kW

Working Condition: 

  • Head Range: 5 ~ 65 m
  • Flow Range: 1 ~ 16 m3/h 
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 10 Bar
  • Medium: Not frozen states, thin, clean, non flammable and explosive and liquid without solid and fiber

Medium Temperature:

  • Normal Temperature:(0 C ~ +50 C)
  • High Temperature:(0 C ~ +90 C) 
  • Environment Temperature:≤50 C


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