Stream - Irrigation Deep Well Pumps - 4SA


Stream multistage submersible clean water pumps with high efficiency and reliability make them suitable for pumping clean water in domestic, civil, industrial or agricultural.


  • For water supply from wells, tanks or reservoirs.
  • For domestic use, for civil and industrial appliations.
  • For garden use and irrigation. Utilization of rain water.

Operating conditions

  • Max fluid temperature: up to 35?
  • Max immersion: 80m
  • Max sand content: 0.25%
  • PH scope: 6.5-8.5
  • Sand content: up to 0.01%

Motor and pump

  • Rewindable motor
  • Single-phase: 220-240V/50HZ
  • Three-phase: 380-415V50HZ
  • Equip with start control box or digital auto-control box
  • Pumps are designed by casing stressed
  • NEMA dimension standards
  • Curve tolerance according to ISO 9906

Options on requeset

  • Special mechanical seal
  • Other voltage or frequency 60HZ
  • Single phase motor with built-in capacitor
  • Outlet parts are available with casting or SUS304 or iron
  • Control box is available if needed.

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