Gruppo Aturia - Surface - Magnetic Drive Seal-Less Pumps - Turbine Pumps STM

STM regenerative turbine pumps are ideally suited for low flow / high head applications. All STM pumps are equipped with zero leakage magnetic couplings to meet the latest toxic emissions regulations. The absence of mechanical seals or packing glands eliminates costly pump maintenance, lost production time and process contamination.

STM turbine impellers are perfectly balanced with no residual axial load Added reliability in even the most adverse operating conditions.

STM pumps are able to pumps liquids containing up to 20% entrained gas, it is possible to feed two different liquids (or a liquid and a gas) simultaneously into the suction of the pump. The rotary motion of the impeller quickly and efficiently mixes the two substances together. The turbine impeller’s strong stirring capability eliminates the need for using a static mixer or diffusion pipe.

Dynamic design, can be throttled to a required duty point without by-passing.
Heavy duty casing and impeller components, machined from wrought alloy bars.
Rugged containment housing for added safety.
Available in standard or API configurations.
All pumps are manufactured in accordance with the current CE-Standard.

**** Explosion proof models according to ATEX directive,
category II are also available.****

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