Gruppo Aturia - Surface - Magnetic Drive Seal-Less Pumps - Turbine Pumps PTM, PTM-SP

PTM regenerative turbine pumps avoid oversized centrifugals with excessive by-pass and power requirements. Exotic alloy gear pumps designs, often result in rapid corrosion and wear, leading to costly replacements.

PTM non-metallic turbine designs have excellent chemical resistance and extremely low wearing characteristics. Variation in head have minimal effect on the flow of a turbine pump. Also, turbine pumps can be throttle to a required duty point without by-passing.

Exclusive solid machined casing made of PP or PVDF.
Oversized, high purity ceramic shaft, Silicon Carbide option.
Self-balancing impeller eliminates thrust bearing wear.
Handles up to 20% entrained gas.
Separate impeller minimizes maintenance costs.

Self priming models, series PTM-SP, are capable to lift corrosive liquid up to 5 mt without the need of a foot valve and with empty suction pipe. Ideally for underground tanks transferring and truck unloading.
All pumps are manufactured in accordance with the current CE-Standard.

**** Explosion proof models according to ATEX directive,
category II are also available.*******

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