Gruppo Aturia - Surface - Multistage Centrifugal Pumps - TK, TKR, VTK, TKK Series

TK-VTK-TKR-TKK are high pressure multistage pumps.
Connection to the driving machine (generally an electrical motor) is through a flexible coupling.


TK – VTK Pumps are used for:

  • Irrigation and land reclamation plants
  • Water supply
  • Power plants
  • Hot and Cold water circulation
  • Condensate transportation
  • Snow gun
  • Fire-Fighting equipment

TKR – TKK Pumps are used for:

  • Boiler feed
  • Pressure boosting
  • Osmosis and Ultra filtration


Multistage centrifugal ring section pumps with modular design. The stage elements are in series configuration and are sealed by O-rings tightened by sturdy outer tie bolts.

The supporting feet on delivery side are integrated in the delivery nozzle casing for all sizes.

For sizes up to 65-100 (included), the suction side pump feet are integrated in the first stage casing in order to allow to turn the suction nozzle in steps of 90° (left or right side or top). For larger sizes the pump feet are mounted under the suction nozzle casing, accordingly the position of the suction nozzle has to be defined when ordering.

The axial thrust is balanced by the hydraulic and dynamic balancing of each single impeller.
TK series are horizontally and between bearings mounted. PN16 Suction flange and PN40 Delivery flange. The shaft is supported by two, grease lubricated, antifriction bearings.

VTK series are vertically mounted. Suction flange PN16 and Delivery flange PN40. The shaft on the suction side is led in slide bearing lubricated by the pump liquid, on the delivery side is supported by the motor bearing. Motor and pump are connected by a stool and a rigid coupling.

TKR series are horizontally and between bearings mounted. Suction flange PN16 and Delivery flange PN64. The shaft is supported by two, oil lubricated, antifriction bearings.

Shaft sealing for TK and TKR series is achieved with soft packing and packing gland as standard. On request, mechanical seal can be mounted. Mechanical seal is standard for VTK series.

TKK high pressures series are horizontally and between bearings mounted. PN25 Suction flange and PN100 Delivery flange. Suction and Delivery nozzles are easily turned in 90° steps. Mechanical seal chamber can also accommodate API682 seals. Bearing supports are designed for heavy duty applications and with separate oil chamber.

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