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The pumps belonging to the V-PEP series are API 610 compliant vertically suspended, single casing volute, line shaft driven VS4 type centrifugal sump pumps suitable for small capacity and medium to high head, ranging from less than 1 up to 35 m³/h capacity and up to 300 mt total head with a single impeller.
Open impeller and concentric volute design substantially reduce radial and axial thrusts on shaft and bearings, regardless the operating capacity and suction pressure.

In low flow-high head duties, the V-PEP design gives higher reliability when compared to traditional volute pumps by remarkably reducing vibrations and shaft deflections.

The impeller, of the open type, star design without wearing rings, rotates within the casing with relatively wide clearances (which do not affect hydraulic performances) thus allowing safe reliable operation and preventing seizures due to thermal expansions at high temperatures. For the same reasons, a certain amount of particles in the pumped liquid can also be tolerated.

Each V-PEP pump is engineered to suit Customer specifications, application and needs.
Standard construction features a single piece shaft guided by sleeve type line bearings where needed.
The span between line bearings, which are available in different materials depending on pumped fluid and operating conditions, is studied for each application in order to assure reliable and smooth operation, paying special attention to lateral critical speed issues . Lubrication of the line bearings is normally obtained by means of the same pumped fluid or from an external lubricating source (clear liquid or grease) in abrasive services.

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