Finder Pompe - Oil and Gas - API 610 and API 685 - OH3 - L-PEP

L-PEP centrifugal process pumps are single stage overhung radially split casing (OH3 configuration) pumps,  specifically conceived and designed for heavy duty applications in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry,  in order to complete the Finder Pompe's HPP (API 610 heavy duty process pumps) range in the low flows/high head  field, ranging from less than 1 up to 35 m³/h capacity and up to 300 mt total head with a single impeller . The special hydraulic design inherently prevents back-flow at low capacity, while achieving a stable curve with extremely low NPSHr values without the need of an inducer. Open impeller and concentric volute design substantially reduce radial and axial thrusts on shaft and bearings, regardless the operating capacity and suction pressure. In low flow-high head duties, the PEP design gives higher  reliability when compared to traditional volute pumps by remarkably reducing vibrations and shaft deflections. The impeller, of the open type, star design without wearing rings, rotates within the casing with relatively wide clearances (which do not affect hydraulic performances) thus allowing  safe reliable operation and preventing seizures due to thermal expansions at high temperatures. For the same reasons, a certain amount of particles in the pumped liquid can also be tolerated. The interchangeability of bearing frames and sealing devices with the LHVN line, together with the fact that no wearing rings are used, make the L-PEP pumps a flexible and easily maintainable  piece of equipment in the specific application range. 

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