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HPM process pumps are two-stage, axially split, volute type pumps with single or double suction 1st stage impeller, fully designed according to latest edition of API 610 Std. Casing is axially split; suction and discharge nozzles are integrally cast with the lower half casing, while a crossover integrally cast with the upper half casing is used to deliver pumped fluid from the first set of stages to the other stages. Axial thrust is eliminated by back-to back configuration of the impellers within the rotor. The double volute allows to minimize hydraulic radial forces, thus reducing shaft deflection. Single impellers and the complete rotor are dynamically balanced to reduce vibrations. Shaft dynamics characteristics are carefully studied to reduce deflection under the most severe operating conditions. Anti-friction bearings are standard. Hydrodynamic bearings (Journal Bearing and tilting pad ) are provided when requested by service or standard rule

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