Stream - Domestic Circulation Pumps - SXR25/4

Brief introduction of SXR series

The STREAM circulation pumps, series SXR, are specifically designed for heating systems. The pumps are also suitable for circulation of hot domestic water and for circulation of liquid in cooling and air-conditioning systems.

Technical data - Suitable fluids

  1. Heating water to VD12035
  2. Suitable for pumping thin, clean , non-aggressive and non-explosive liquids
  3. Without solid particles or fibers. Water/glycol mixtures max.mixing ratio 1:1.


  • Max ambient temperature up to 40°C
  • Fluids temperature range: -10?—+110?
  • Max working pressure: 10bar
  • Mains power: 1-230V,50HZ
  • Degree of protection: IP44
  • Insulation class: F

Construction materials

  • Pump body: cast iron
  • Impeller: PP
  • Shaft: ceramic
  • Bearing: ceramic

Installation Positions

Pump shaft in the horizontal plane

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