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HN&HM Series Water-filled Rewindable Submersible Motor

Operating Condition

  • Installation position: Vertical.
  • Surround Water Temperature: less than 30?
  • Motor installing position in well: The depth of submergence less than 70M & the min.
  • Distance to the bottom of well not be less than 5M.
  • Duty: Continuous (S1).
  • Max. Voltage Tolerance: +6%/-10%.
  • Max. Frequency Tolerance: ±1%.
  • Water quality: Sand content (weight ratio) in water should not exceed 0.01%, chlorine ion content should not be over 400mg/L.
  • Water PH value:6.5~8.5
  • Liquid Inside: Clean water or Anti-freezing mixture liquid filled into motor before operation.
  • Min. cooling Water Flow: 20cm/s for motors up to 18.5KW and 50cm/s for the above.
  • Starts per Hours: Max. 10 times.
  • Service factor: 1.00 for motor in 50HZ and 1.10 for 60HZ

Technical data

  • Series HN Water Submersible Motors, Upper and Lower Bell Connected with Case by Bolt.
  • Series HM Water Submersible Motors, Upper and Lower Bell Connected with Case by Thread.

Products features

  • Wide power extension for each size.
  • Mounting Dimensions completely according to NEMA or European Standard available.
  • Leading design and no pollution for environment.
  • High quality thrust bearings made from special plastic or graphite ensured long life cooperation.
  • High Efficiency electrical design gives lower operation cost.
  • Good surface quality.
  • Sand slinger and shaft seal for protecting motor well.
  • Strict inspection system and all motors 100% tested before delivery

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