Stream - Industrial Multi-stage Pumps - SHS4


SHS Pump is a kind of multifunctional products. It can be used to convey various medium from tap water to industrial liquid at different temperature and with different flow rate and pressure. It could be meet the demand of Air-conditioning system;Cooling system; Industrial cleaning; Water treatment (Water purification);Aquiculture;Fertilizing / metering system; Environmental application etc.


Thin and clean non-flammable and non-explosive liquid without solid granules and fibers.Mineral water, soft water, pure water, edible vegetable oil and other light chemical mediums.When the density or viscosity of liquid is larger than that of water, it is necessary to select a driving motor of high-power.Whether a specific liquid is suitable for the pump depends on many factors, among which the most important ones are chlorine content, PH value,Temperature, Solvent and oil content.


  • Liquid temperature:
  •  Normal temperature type: -15°C - +70°C ; 
  • Hot water type: +70°C - +110°C
  • Ambient temperature : up to + 40°C
  • Max. Operation pressure: 10 bar
  • Max. Inlet pressure is limited by Max. Operation Pressure


This pump is a kind of Horizontal non-self priming multistage centrifugal pump, which with long shaft electric motor.Compact structure renders small size of pump; axial inlet and radial outlet.


Full enclosed fan cooled two pole motor. Protection:Ip55, Class Finsulation. Standard 50HZ; 1X 220-230/240V,3X220-240/380-415V; 3X380-415V;Other voltages available on request.

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