Stream - Industrial Inline Pumps - PT/PTL


  • Civil/ industrial heating plants
  • Systems for moving domestic hot water
  • Cooling and air conditioning plants
  • Moving low pressure liquids in general

Technical details

  • Versatile
  • Silent
  • Reliable

Pump technical data

  • Maximum allowable working pressure: 6bar
  • Temperature of the liquid: -10? to +100?
  • Flanges inlet:  DN25 (or 1 inch) to DN65 (or 2.5 inch)
  • Flange outlet: DN25 (or 1 inch) to DN65 (or 2.5 inch)
  • Capacity range: 1.2m³/h to 40m³/h
  • Head range:1m to 20m

Motor technical data

  • Self-ventilated 2 pole asynchronous motor
  • Class of insulation F
  • IP55 protection rating
  • 230V±10%, 50HZ single phase voltage, 230V/400V±10%,50HZ three phase voltage
  • Permanent capacitor inserted and thermo-amperometric protection with automatic rearm incorporated for the single phase motor.
  • Protection under user's responsibility for the three phase version
  • High efficiency IE2 motors starting from 0.75KW (on request)