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LEX/MEX are two different versions of the same pump. LEX pumps are fitted with a special supporting bracket which connects the pump to the electric motor. The flanged end of the bracket allows the connection to any IEC motor in B5 construction or, when adding a dedicated adaptor flange, to any NEMA “C” flange motor type. Due to the flexibility in the motor selection, the LEX pumps can be used as a compressor as well. LEX pumps, thanks to its construction; are available with ATEX certification also. MEX pumps are monoblok type which means that the pump is fixed straight to the motor flange and the pump impeller fitted directly on the motor shaft. This version makes the pump extremely compact suitable to be installed on OEM equipment. Motor options available are as follows: 50Hz, 50/60Hz and 60Hz UL – EPACT. FindeR LEX/MEX design is very simple in order to provide the highest reliability: just one moving part, the impeller. The basic construction is in cast iron with bronze or stainless steel impeller but complete stainless steel version can be provided as well as other exotic alloys upon request. Both LEX/MEX are widely used in any industrial application involving vacuum due to their versatility and low space requirements. Major applications are in the plastic industry, sterilisation, food, textile, soil remediation and others requesting gas and vapour extraction."


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