Finder Pompe - Industrial, Centrifugal - ISO 2858, ISO 5199 - MAGDRIVE - HCMD

Single volute hermetically sealed pump thanks to the replacement of the traditional mechanical seals with magnetic device.This solution allows a substantial reduction of maintenance interventions and, consequently, of the running costs. All the parts included between the motor and the pump casing can be removed without disconnecting the discharge and the suction piping and with no interventions on the motor. In particular, the outer magnet, the oil bracket, the flexible coupling and the spacer can be disassembled without opening the pump and therefore without exposing the liquid to the atmosphere. The pump is available in close-coupled version (direct coupling with the motor, self-alignment), or in bareshaft version with oil lubricated ball bearing support (other lubricating systems available upon request).Wide interchangeability.Standard flanged connections DIN or ANSI.

NAVALE 2015   HCMD 2019 1

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