Stream - Industrial Fire-fighting Pumps - SEN80-160


SEN series close coupled centrifugal pumps are with single impeller, which manufactured according to European standards EN733; SEN series are widely used in water supply for living uses; industrial uses and general water plants projects;water supply;spray irrigation and pressure sets, heating and air-conditioning plants etc.

Pump Specifications

  • Discharge flange diameter: DN32 – DN80 mm
  • Capacity Q range:  4.5m3/h - 240m3/h (50HZ)
  • Head H range:  10m – 92.5m
  • Operating speed:  2900RPM (50Hz)

Operation Conditions

  • Working Temperature Range:  -10? ~ +90?
  • Max. Allowable Working Pressure(MAWP):  10bar 
  • Hydro-static Test Pressure = 1.3 times the maximum discharge pressure, but not exceed 13 bar)

Construction Features

  • Main dimensions:  Apply to EN733 (DIN24255) standard and backpull out type
  • Casing structure:  End suction, center radial discharge
  • Flange pressure rate: ISO7005.2 PN1.6MPa
  • Shaft seal: Single mechanical seal(Graphite / Silicon carbide / Ceramic / NBR / FPM / SS304 / SS316) According to Standard EN 12756
  • Driven shaft: Pump and motor flanged together to form a close-coupled unit, with common shaft.


  • Advanced high efficiency design
  • Reliability
  • Distinguished heat dissipation
  • Silence running
  • Compact structure

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